Korean Sexy Lee Chae Yeon


Lee Chae Yeon was born on 10 December 1978 in Seoul, South Korea. Popularly known as Chae Yeon, this babe is a popular Korean pop singer that rose to fame with her hit single Two of Us, back in 2004.
She returned to Korea with her first official album It’s My Time under her new stage name, Chae Yeon Debuting late in 2003, nobody expected her to be successful as she is now. Initially, she was simply viewed as yet another “sexy concept” singer, as many female singers were at that time. However, unlike many others, she had a fairly successful debut. She proved to be a great dancer, and she showed off her vocals in her ballad songs and live performances. Her title song (Dangerous Presentation) did well, but her real success came when her 2nd album released late in 2004. (Two Of Us) the lead single, pushed her to #1 on many music charts in the spring of 2005. The music video for was controversial for being too “racy” in conservative Korea (for it contained scenes showing her full back and exposed underwear).

Chae Yeon KOREA POP Chae Yeon sexy Chae Yeon
Chae Yeon Chae Yeon Chae YeonSexy Korean Singer Model Chae Yeon

Chae Yeon


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